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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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the spin stops here because we are always looking for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> ♪ let freedom ring let the whole world know that today is the day of reckoning ♪ sean: and welcome to a very special edition of "hannity's america." -- of "hannity." hello, san diego. the site of our freedom concert and we have a big show in store. colonel oliver north will be here. former ms. california, carrie prejean, will be joined by the great one mark levine and our great american panel. and democrats are continuing
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their efforts to attack average americans who are speaking pout at town halls all across this country -- speak being out at town halls all across this country. they have been called angry mobs and dismissed as republican operatives. why are the democrats afraid of speech and can the strategy work? i'm joined by -- i call him the great one -- 12 weeks number one on "the new york times" best seller list, 17 weeks overall, liberty and tyranny, a conservative manifesto. great one, the great one. by the way, do you have a mob name? >> a mob name? i'm the shark. sean: you're the shark. he's the shark. are you all mobsters here? an angry mob. >> wait a minute. how many of you are insurance executives? raise your hand? how many of you here are -- what, car executives? sean: how many of you own banks? >> moum are patriotic americans -- how many are patriotic
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americans? sean: there's a real serious issue here, mark. and that is that we have these town halls. they are referred to them as angry mobs. the president said he basically told people that oh, we'll clean up your mess but we want you to shut up for the most part. what's your take on this? >> i've never heard in my life a president tell the american people to shut up. i really haven't. if you look at the people around him, he's got al capone there. who is rahm emanuel. he's got myra laski who is david axelrod. he would be solinski. if they want to call names we can call names. but really who is behaving like they're a mob? it's them and they're sending their favorite union thugs into these town hall meetings. to give them some muscle. i got a little bit of news for them. we outnumber you and we don't give a damn what you send into the town hall meetings. we're going to keep going to the town hall meetings and we don't want what you're trying to ram down our throat.
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sean: one other thing -- you know what's amazing to me, because i thought this was -- liberals always celebrated, they were the great defenders of the first amendment. >> never. sean: this is democracy in action. and wasn't the president of the united states once himself a community organizer? >> well, he was. and, you know, we just demand that we be treated with the same respect that obama gives the terrorists at guantanamo bay. sean: fair enough. >> they get due process rights. they're told that they're human beings, too. that they have a right to be heard. well, guess what, we're american citizens. we do, too. sean: if we look at the polls, what we see more and more is independents now, mark, are moving away from obama, away from obama care. his poll numbers are going down dramatically. it seems like a real pulse of the american people. they want to diminish this. it may be the chicago way. you've talked a lot on your radio show. we've talked here on "hannity" about sol lawinski. what are the tack taiex they're using? >> the tactics won't work
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because the american people are not stupid. the fact is the american people know this president is spending this nation into oblivion. the american people know that independent entities like the congressional budget office have said this is unsustainable. the american people know that the congressional budget office said not only is this health care plan unsustainable, it won't cover all the uninsured. and in addition to that, ladies and gentlemen, you will lose your private health care. so they don't want it. sean: and we know the models have failed wherever it's been tried. whether great britain or france or wherever it happens to be. >> russia. china. sean: where do we start? but the white house counsel, first of all, they send these politicians out with these almost moronic talking points. they got laughed at, mocked and ridiculed. but now they're promising, we see that acorn is showing up. we see the unions are showing up. and they promise "to send out people in twice the force of average americans." is this an effort, coupled with
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the snitch on your neighbor program, that they started, is this an effort to intimidate the american people and silence them? >> etc. an effort to intimidate -- it's an effort to intimidate the american people and also a very directed effort at the phony blue dog democrats and so-called moderate democrats in congress. what they're trying to do is give the impression that the american people are a fringe group. the fact is any reputable poll out there right now says the american people are turning on this president. they're turning on this congress. they're turning on the policies that he has to offer. and rather than step back and slow down and take a look at it, obama just keeps ramming us -- sean: i love the one line at steny hoyer protest, it said it took barack obama six months to pick a dog and this is what's going on here. we saw now with the acorn members and with the union groups going in to tampa and some of these other places, and we're going to show the video to our audience here in just a minute, do you think the president bears any responsibility for this
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conflict now that is emerging in these town halls? >> that's an excellent point. as a matter of fact, let me suggest that if there's anything that happens at these town hall meetings, if anybody's hurt, or anything really stupid happens, this white house has some responsibility for it. this white house is calling out its dogs. the president sent out an email to millions of his supporters. rahm emanuel, behind the scenes, is pushing, so is rod. if something -- so is axelrod. if something terrible happens at these town hall meetings the president can be held accountable. sean: pan this crowd. i see young people. i see older people. i see middle aged people. >> i don't see any brooks brothers. sean: i don't see any brooks brothers suits. >> i'm not against them. sean: i see an american flag that this crowd brought with them. my question here is what does it say about this president? what does it say about the democratic party that, you
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know, that they would now orchestrate attacks against americans and smear them and discredit them and besmirch them? what does it say about them? >> a number of things. the president is at war with the american people politically. he's at war with the citizens of this country in a political sense. number two, it says they're desperate. that they can't make their case. what obama and the democrats really want, and we've seen some audio on -- heard some audio on this, is dwoft-run, single payer plan -- is government-run, single payer plan like in great britain and canada. they want you to go for them to ask for a particular drug or procedure. that's what they want. they want to ram this home while they can. sean: one of the things they're considering, the president on a call, mark, to some of these liberal bloggers, he went out there and he said, well, whether we do it or not we'll use the nuclear option and chuck schumer said they would use the relation process or at least attempt to.
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i don't think they're going to be able to pull it off. where they bypass the need for a filibuster-proof senate vote. >> you know what that means? that means they can't even keep some of their own democrats. they make that move to avoid that procedure, to bring this illegitimate rule into the senate, in order to get around members of their own party. and this is what people need to understand. the radical left, the sal linsk i. barack obama element is in control of your party and it doesn't matter if you're a moderate. sean: will the blue dogs listen to the people or listen to obama -- >> i don't know what the hell they're going to do. but i don't trust them. and the people who are in their districts, need to keep the pressure on to make it very clear, this is the seminal moment and if you vote for this, we will campaign against you and we will defeat you. sean: great one, congrats. 12 weeks number one on the "new york times." and when we come back, colonel oliver north is coming up next as we bring you much more. we're live in san diego from
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>> you work for us! >> you work for us! >> hear our fight -- hear our voice! hear our voice! hear our voice! [cheers and applause] sean: thank you, san diego. that was the scene yesterday where more americans attempted to voice their concerns with democrat health care and their plans. the crowd overflowed just like it is here in san diego. into a hallway where some of those in attendance scuffled with the organizers, after they were not permitted to enter the
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event. joining me now right here in san diego, at our freedom concert to talk about this and much more as the host of "war stories" on the fox news channel. colonel oliver north, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. sean: we're going to have 13,000 mobsters out here. >> an angry mob. sean: an angry mob. and you're about to insight them. -- incite them. >> all of these protests, these are not teenage kids that are protesting. these are senior citizens. and i happen to be one of them. i'll tell you what -- don't laugh. now, let me just tell you something, it is my era that is going to get stuck by this whole thing that obama is trying to jam down our throats. we are going to be without medicare. we're going to be without any kind of medical insurance because this guy is going to take it away from us. as you and i know, i'm covered by the fox medical plan now, thank you, sir. but the reality of it is i'm going to come up and retire.
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i'm 66 years old. sean: you're infer going to retire. >> someday. but the reality is that generation that is being screwed. by this whole thing that obama's doing. sean: what's amazing to me is -- they don't seem to get it. maybe this is the way things work in chicago, olie. that if you don't get what you want, you intimidate, you harass, you demonize, you beat up people. you know what? the american people to say that about little old ladies and soldiers and americans that make this country great, it's insulting? why would they insult the american people? >> because they're afraid of the american people. sean: they're afraid of you. >> they're afraid of the american people. this crowd, this crowd in washington wants to dominate. they want to control. look at all the things that they're doing. it's not just in health care. they're taking control of the private sector economy in this country. they're taking control of the banks in this country. they're determining which one of these americans is entitled to buy a house. and what kind of medical care they're going to have when they get to be geriatrics or even
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while they're working the next generation. sean: when i think back, and i was watching you as a lieutenant colonel, putting his hand in front of a nation, it was a very interesting moment in history. because america, the american people, remember, when the hearings were going on, they rallied behind you. this is about as passionate in terms of a people uprising if you will than i've seen since that time. >> and the american people responded back in 1987 because of the unfairness of what was happening. perpetrated by the congress. now that are looking at the obama administration and they're saying, what they're planning for us, for mom, dad, and the kids, is unfair to americans. and what's worse, they don't want the american people out speaking, exercising their first amendment rights. sean: isn't that the most amazing part of this? and not only that, they're sending in their surrogates to confront americans. >> fox news randa, the footage of a young -- fox news ran
12:16 am
today, the footage of a young person, union guys knocked him down, kicked him and that's what they're doing. sean: one. issues, we just came from a reception, we meet the families of brave men and women that lost. we met the children that lost their fathers, stuarted the scholarship fund which is why we're going to have 13,000 people by the end of this hour and start this concert tonight. >> in large part thanks to what you and fox news. sean: fox news has been great. >> and what it really is all about is the american people showing their support for soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen, marines, those who died and are still in hospitals, we saw the gold star families who are here with us this evening. and those youngsters who are going to go to college. because there's a scholarship there waiting for them. yesterday, there were four marines killed in afghanistan. one of them has children. that child, 18 years from now, is guaranteed a scholarship
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thanks to what you and fox news -- sean: thanks to what these folks theer are doing. -- these folks here are doing. we see record deficits, the economy, this battle on health care, american people are concerned. one of the issues i'm most concerned about is the weakening of our national defense. the one area that they don't want to spend money on is on national defense. >> this is typical. jimmy carter came into office with the same kind of nigh heave take that this guy -- naivete that this guy has and emasculate america's defense. we can't sfor to do that because the -- can't afford to do that because the price we'll pay with the defense budget gut sd a terrible catastrophe for the american people. ronald reagan came into office with a promise to rebuild american defense and cut taxes. he did it and turned america around. sean: in many ways he seems to be hoover, f.d.r. on the one hand in terms of his economic policy and carter. and then carter also on national defense. and remember, ronald reagan
12:18 am
talked about a gap of vulnerability. we creating a defensive gap of vulnerability? >> look, one of the realities of life today is that the iranians are building nuclear weapons. whether we want to admit it or not. they're installing the best anti-air defenses that the world knows of. that's the sa-300 system sold to them by the russians. we don't know what barack obama and vladimir putin said to each other when they sat down in moscow a few weeks ago. because this most transparent administration in history doesn't tell us what goes on behind the scenes any more than we know what bill clinton told kim jong-il in pyongyang. sean: was in a a bad idea? -- was that a bad idea? >> nobody knows the anguish of negotiating for american citizens better than i do. the reality is it's never a good idea for governments to do that kind of thing. we don't know what the price was but ransom was paid. whether it was simply bill clinton getting a picture with a dictator or his being there, ransom was paid.
12:19 am
the end result is america will be hurt by it. worst of all, they didn't release the transcripts. the north koreans know what bill clinton said. we don't know. sean: that's true. >> barack obama knows what he said. sean: not yet. maybe -- >> the reality of it is the american people don't know and of course already the north koreans are out with a different version of what took place at pyongyang. i'm glad -- sean: an american hero. [cheers and applause] sean: and when we come back, we have more from tonight's freedom concert. we are in beautiful san diego. former ms. california, carrie prejean, will join us now and our great american panel. taking its rightful place
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[cheers and applause] sean: and welcome back. having fun in san diego? we're coming to you live from san diego, the site of tonight's freedom concert, one of eight we're doing around the country. where free speech is alive and well here tonight. so my next guest is someone who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. and she knows -- she knows what it's like to have people try and silence her. we're joined now by former ms. california and ms. u.s.a. first runnerup carrie prejean. carrie, how are you? good to see you. it's very interesting in one sense, you were almost like the first casualty in this battle of somebody speaks out in america today, oh, they want to jump all over you. now they even have some perspective, what do you think
12:25 am
about it? >> first, i just want to let america know that i am still standing, and i'm still standing strong. and i am not backing down. and i think that -- i hope to have given people that hope and that perseverance to get through whatever you're getting through. don't let people silence you. don't let people try and tear you down. don't let people try and take away your rights. i have the freedom of speech. and i can say whatever i want to say. i'm entitled to my own opinion. and so that's the hope that i want to give everybody here today. sean: what's amazing, wasn't she respectful? right? by the way, just as a side, how many people agreed with her answer? and by the way, president obama agreed with you. >> naung. and the -- thank you. and the vice president. sean: that made it much more remarkable, didn't it? >> etc. amazing how by answering -- it's amazing how by answering a question and giving an honest answer it is blown out of proportion.
12:26 am
we need to think back, my grandfather fought for my rights and i think i'm entitled to my own opinion and i should not be called any name. i don't care what it is. for standing up for what i believe in. sean: one of the things as i got to know you and interviewed you a number of times, you know what? this does not define you. this was not your issue. you were asked a question by a crazy judge on this show. >> right. sean: and was it hard when they finally said, oh, all of a sudden, after you thought you were going to keep the crown and came and took it away, did anybody gf you any advance notice? was it hard? >> it was hard. because i worked so hard for it. i earned it. i beat out 80 something other girls. and it was challenging. but god has just shown me that he has something so much bigger than just a little crown and a sash. so i'm just really excited to see where he leads me. sean: maybe this is a good lesson, a -- the people that -- the democrats are calling angry
12:27 am
mobs like all these angry mobs. and all around here. but maybe -- maybe this will be an inspiration. because now there's an effort to intimidate people at these town hall meetings and silence them. maybe people can learn from your lesson. >> we will not be silenced. sean: what was the hardest part, though? because you know what? i've been called every name in the book over my career which started in 1986 right here in this state of california. what was the hardest time for you, though? >> i think the mixed smokeses, the ups and downs and -- the mixed emotions, the ups and downs, and there's more rumors brought up about you or your family, my family was attacked. and it's just -- it's real unfortunate that tolerance isn't a two-way street. sean: what's next for carrie prejean? >> book coming out in november. very excited. sean: are you going to launch it right here? >> i'm launching it with you. absolutely. sean: and so -- what's after
12:28 am
that? >> i'm just really -- i'm going to continue public speaking and traveling the country right now and doing motivational speaking and challenging, especially young people. these little girls are here today. and i want to be their role model. and let them know that it's ok to be conservative and to stand up for traditional values. sean: i still say she's ms. california. all right? thank you. we're going to have much more. we're in san diego, part of an eight-city tour and we have 13,000 people joining us, including congressman brian bilbray and our great american panel. let not your heart be troubled. (music plays)
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>> i don't want to get involved in that at all. [beep] [indistinct conversation] sean: inasmuch as the scene yesterday evening -- that was the scene yesterday outside congressman -- yesterday outside a congressman's town hall meetings in missouri. and now what they're voicing about the health care bill.
12:33 am
california congressman brian bill bray. were you from this area? >> born and raised. sean: you were born and raised right here? >> actually, my mother was an australian immigrant and i was born at north island naval air station because she was concerned about my citizenship. she made sure she locked it in. sean: have you ever been to a town hall where people are confrontational and ask questions and people are speaking out against something you support? >> we did it last night. we had a town hall meeting on the health care issue. and there was exchanges back and forth. citizens were exchanging back and forth. and yeah, of course. sean: it would seem to me that that's democracy in action. >> and look, i was a mayor when i was 27. if you can't take a little heat back and forth, then you really -- maybe we ought to talk about these guys in congress and have them sit in a city council meeting and have listen to the public every week when they meet rather than once a year. sean: i want to get to the town
12:34 am
halls in just a second here. but we had the job issue came out today and the national review online now in july, because they said oh, the unemployment rate went down .1%. but in july, 796,000 of the jobs that were used in the month before were taken out of the labor department's definition of work force. are they cooking the books? >> well, i think by any reasonable person's perception is yes, they are. this is what the kind of washington doublespeak where they do work the numbers. and get the outcome they want. that happens -- that's one of the things that people are really fed up about washington. sending out cook books. sean: as a matter of fact, the atlantic and political reporter, when disconnected or discouraged workers are also included, the rate is really much higher, 10.2%. and it went up this month. do you think that's the more accurate number? >> i think that's somewhere where we're moving into. and i think -- the fact is that we need to start talking about
12:35 am
the big picture. but taking -- cherry picking the numbers you want and then ignoring the rest of the issues is something i think people have been very upset with for a long time with washington. sean: we got retail sales. there was an article that came out here by the year 2011 that half the american people, their mortgages are going to be under water. 34 million americans, the highest number ever, are now getting food stamps in this country. you know, what is going on? is this all a result of too many people thinking the goft's going to take care of -- the government's going to take care of every need in their life? >> the real problem is we're going flew a correction. it's going to be there. but also a lot of people thinking that washington throwing money at a problem would save the day and it's not doing it. and it's so easy in washington to write checks with other people's money. but not reform. and we haven't even talked about one of the things that really got us in here. and the accounting process called mark-to-market. they said let us spend the money and we'll get around to
12:36 am
it eventually. we haven't even gotten around to it yet. that's the kind of thing that people want us to start talking about. sean: we keep hearing about patriotic duty, spread the wealth, skin in the game. the i.r.s. numbers came out. and we found that top 1%, which represents 1.4 million americans, they pay more than the bottom 95% of 134 million, 135 million americans. let me restate this. 1.4 million americans pay more in federal tax revenue than 135 million americans. is that socialism? >> oh -- look, this argument gets blown out when you look at the fact that in the last 30 years, the top 1% has doubled their percentage of taxes. so when someone says people aren't paying their fair share, the fact is historically, the top line, is -- more than it ever has. i come from a blue collar back ground. and we beat up on them and they
12:37 am
won't provide the jobs. the jobs are what matters. welfare benefits and paying -- addressing the symptom, it's good employment, good economy that's going to correct this. sean: revenues this year are down 18%. since barack obama has been inaugurated as president, he has accumulated over $1 trillion in debt. now he wants to add cap and tax and health care. can america survive this? how bad is it? >> we ought to be scared to death about one big issue. it is costing us twice as much money to borrow money from overseas than it did three months ago. we've gone -- we've actually doubled the rates we're paying because we are not only straining our grandchildren's future. we're straining the ability for the world market to keep up with our debt. sean: by the way, i love the shirt. congressman, common bilbray. we are in san diego, our freedom concert. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back, the great, great, great american panel and also for the real story of the town hall events that are taking place around the
12:38 am
country, be sure to visit and i got this rate here, fox news channel, all the proceeds are donated to charity. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great, great american panel just ahead. trail less traveled. the year you do a little team building with the team that matters most. check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic. it's 17 days of great deals plus free seminars this friday through sunday.
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[cheers and applause] sean: and tonight on our great, great, great american panel, he is a fox news legal analyst, bob massi, is here. she is the host of -- by the way, mark levin's favorite show, not this one, poker after dark, model tv personality,
12:43 am
leeann tweeden joins us. and he is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host on the salem radio network, hugh hewitt is with us. good to see you. guys, leeann just got got back. she most "poker after dark." >> this is my 13th u.s.o. tour, 11 to iraq and afghanistan. sean: 11th tour to iraq and afghanistan. and i'm sorry, she's engaged to this really big fighter pilot, ok? >> go air force. sean: i'm sorry. air force. and thanks. bob, let me start with you. is this an -- we're going to have 13,000 people here tonight. are they an angry mob? >> no. these are people who believe they have the right to free speech. and that it's not discriminated against between conservatives and liberals. we have the right of free speech. it's our constitution, too. some people this week don't think we have the right to that constitution. these people have the right to say what they want. believe what they want.
12:44 am
and basically get into what they believe in for the problems of the country right now. sean: let me go to a different question and i'll go back to where bob was. you saw the troops and these u.s.o. tours, are they watching this back home and what are they saying? >> they watch everything. they're very much in tune. they might be in the trenches in iraq or in the mountains of afghanistan. but they watch everything. because what are they doing? they're fighting for our right to free speech. these people are great looking. great dressed people. they have a right to their democracy. they have a right to have the representatives that represent them talk about what they feel. sean: the president of the united states, when the democratic national party calls them a mobster, when the president says, basically shut up which is what he said today. >> it's unbelievable. it's a disgrace. i'm embarrassed for him to say that when we live in a country that's supposed to be built on democracy. and all of a sudden we can't say something just because it's not what they like and the white house right now? it's appalling. sean: i thought it was the
12:45 am
highest form of patriotism when they bashed the troops and called them murderers and terrorists -- >> i played the hillary clinton where she said it is highest form of patriotism -- i love -- this is a wonderful crowd you're doing. a great event. any democrat can come here. they would be absolutely welcome. they would be supporting the troops. not one person would be upset with them. it's not a mob. i think the democratic party is melting down, sean. they don't know how to get out of this. sean: independents are saying slow down here. more people see him as liberal. is the net impact they didn't get this passed in the august recess and don't get it passed? >> i don't think they do. you talk to them every day as well. seniors are going to kill this bill. the aarp shut down when the aarp shut down the microphone, they will not go for this and it will end up rationing their health care and seniors know that and they will tell the aarp and the democrats if you pass this, they'll lose the congress. i think it's possible. they could. sean: we don't agree on political issues but free
12:46 am
speech issues. >> i'm going to tell you. i think that we have -- this is an american issue. democrats should be just as concerned with the way that they're being criticized because this free speech applies to everybody, sean. and for them -- a couple of weeks ago, digressing, our president, no disrespect, made a very, very callused statement, exercises free speech when he said something about a police officer. that was ok. but if we go and we say certain things, all of a sudden you know what it is? they don't want to be accountable, sean. they are now being questioned on decisions. and they have been able to get away for a long time and now the american people are saying, we've had enough. we have the first amendment right. it's our constitution. >> exactly right. >> true. sean: don't you think, just the question of politically, you know, to attack -- these have been veterans. the elderly. we've isolated their faces on tv. they're wonderful looking people. great americans. and to attack them this way, it just seems politically that
12:47 am
it's so shortsighted. >> right. and the american people are finally like you say, they're pushing back. they're saying you know what? enough's enough. we know you're our president and you-elected us and you're our rightful -- and elected you and you're our rightful president but when americans say that's not what we want and the people who represent us shouldn't be going along with it and not reading reports and not reading things. just because he says let's pass it quickly before we go on break without reading anything like the stimulus plan. nobody read that. sean: i can't read a bill. i need two lawyers to read a bill, john conyers said. >> you better get four. you better start reading now. because i would like to know what that does. sean: do your job. read the bill. unbelievable. >> sean, you're so unreasonable. >> my god, somebody doing their job? sean: now dare i read -- let me ask you this. we discussed a lot about the radicalism of obama and he seems to be married to it in my mind. it's funny how many people have come up to me and said you know
12:48 am
what, hannity? i thought you were going over the deep end a little built in the election. maybe you were a little too harsh. but now i think you're right. is this the alinsky, chicago way model? >> rules for radical. the attack on rush, the attack on rush today is right out of rules for radicals. which is to divert from the speaker pelosi's attack on the demonstrators. find an object to hate. stay away from the subject. sean: isolate it. target it. >> and can't work. people heard rush. they hear you. they hear me. they watch us. they know what we say. >> sean, it starts -- there's a sense of arrogance. you want to believe -- whoever your president, you want to believe in them. but there's a sense of arrogance. and it starts at the top. and it trickles down. and that's exactly. the questions that the americans asked were legitimate questions. specter, are you going to read it? we need a couple lawyers. sean: i don't have a lot of time. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> why are you there? that's what you're paid for?
12:49 am
and they don't like anybody -- they don't like to ask legitimate questions, and makes them accountable. >> congressman dingell did a town hall last night in detroit. why isn't there tort reform in this bill? he said we can't do everything at once. everyone knows that's a joke. everyone knows you can't fix the melting care system without fixing the tort system so there are no answers and people get upset at being thought stupid and condescended to and arrogance is a good word. they won't put up with it. sean: if a soldier, your fiancee is an -- fiance is an american hero. how many missions? >> seventh in afghanistan. deployment. iraq and afghanistan. sean: he didn't read his manual? >> thank you. it's unbelievable. and we elect them as our duly elected officials to act on behalf of the people. that is democracy. and when you say about the entitlement of obama, well, you voted me in and i'm going to do whatever i want. he tries to force everything through.
12:50 am
>> they asked the other day, are you going to have the same insurance? if it's passed? and all this time, we're a mob. they don't know who the mob is, sean. believe me. sean: this is a san diego mob. well come back. more with our great american panel straight ahead.
12:51 am
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>> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! sean: hello, san diego. we are at our freedom concert, one of eight we're doing around the country. as you can see, we're about to
12:55 am
start. we got 13,000 friends that are joining us for a big concert tonight. charlie daniels, lee greenwood, michael w. smith, billy ray cyrus, and we got a couple of surprises tonight. that's all coming up. but we continue with our great, great american panel. everywhere i go, i talk to mobsters like this. ok? no, true story. everywhere i go i talk to the mob and everywhere i go, people say to me, hugh, they go, you got to keep going. you got -- they're afraid that this country is changing radically. and at a record pace. because they believe the president is a radical. are you getting that? like i am? >> last night when the president went to virginia -- getting crushed by bob macdonald and told people to shut up, sit down, get out of the way and they created this mess. the mess in health care has been created over the course of 40 years and medicare was passed under democrats and medicaid was passed under democrats. the american people are not going to put up with a bad idea
12:56 am
put forward by a radical set of tactics that is not in the best tradition of america. sean: but in all the years, i started, my radio career here in california in 1986. i have never witnessed anything like this. where people are that passionate. that they think this country is in the -- going in the wrong direction. do you get the same thing? >> i do. and we live in a very liberal state. i live up in los angeles, right up the road. and i think people are finally going, wait a minute. if i don't say anything, and if we don't do anything, because obviously some of our elected officials aren't doing anything enough. that it is going to go that way. and once it goes beyond that point, it's really going to be past the point of no return and people are afraid of that. >> there's a narcissistic attitude. and people feel very insulted. it's like you can't pass a legitimate -- can't ask a legitimate question. why can't i ask a legitimate question? like the woman the or day, medicaid's busted, medicare's busted, social security's
12:57 am
busted. by the way, you can't run the clunker. and all of a sudden they're a mob. no. that's freedom of assembly. that's freedom of assembly. that's freedom of expression. respect, never with anger, never told them to shut up and made his points. people are beginning to look back at w and say that's presidential. but what we have right now is not. sean: i don't know if you'll answer this question. you don't have to if you don't want to. the military comparing the two presidents? >> well, i think the military is always sort of put in that position where you go, ok, we were probably supported a little more under the bush administration and the republicans, we get more funding, we get more money and looked out for better. we have higher numbers in our military.
12:58 am
democrats typically come in, they cut down funding. they cut down the numbers of troops that we have to protect our country, not only here in america but around the world. so of course they're comparing it. they're human. how can they not? this is their life, too. >> kosovo with the 40th infantry division four weeks ago and a-political and they will never say a word against their commander in chief. sean: they're professionals. >> the positive thing on this, sean, when you know the rules of the game, you can play the game. they really have laid it out. the democrats have really shown themselves on this. if they were smart, they could be saying you know what? i understand there's some upset people. but they have the right to free speech. instead, they're insulting them and so they showed their cards. and for me, you played sports, i played -- i know the other guy's game i'm ready to play the game. sean: it seems that the counterintuitive to me. if you had a brain in your head, attack hannity, limbaugh, hewitt, well bortz, fox news, what a shock, fox news.
12:59 am
>> they've attacked fox? sean: can you believe? >> but that's funny. when people have the right to ask what is going on, where is my taxpayer money going, what is going to happen to my health care and my choices and my freedoms, they get mad. sean: people are asking smart questions. >> and they don't like it and people like sean hannity or rush rush limbaugh are inciting mobs, inciting fear. just answer our questions and there won't be a problem. sean: all right. so the net fallout is if mcdonald wins in virginia, and christie wins in new jersey, that tells us what? >> that tells us that the democrats had better back up in a hurry. if i were a democrat in the house i wouldn't vote after this until after i saw those elections. if christie and mcdonald win, that's trouble for them. sean: the blue dogs if they support cap and tax -- >> they're done. sean: stimulus, they're done. >> they're history. sean: are you ready for our concert? [cheers and applause] guys, good to see you. thank you. leeann, love to see